Our hıgh school was founded on December 6, 1976 under the Ministry of National Education. On July 20, 1982, with the Decree Law No. 41, it was connect to the Akdeniz University. Isparta has been converted into a vocational college that is studying at the associate degree level affiliated to the Engineering Faculty. On July 3, 1992, by Law No. 3837, it was connected to Süleyman Demirel University. 17.03.2006 dated and Law No. 5467  with the  was founded Mehmet Akif Ersoy University and our school has taken its name as Vocational School. Our schol name was changed to Burdur Vocational School in the Higher Education General Assembly Meeting dated 03.05.2012. The economic and technical departments in the academic units and the programs affiliated with these departments were transferred to the newly established Social Sciences Vocational College and Technical Sciences Vocational College in the university and moved to the İstiklal Campus. Our university was selected as a pilot higher education institution in the field of "Animal Husbandry" within the scope of project projects that are coordinated by the Higher Education Council and carried out jointly with the Ministry of Development, "Regional Development Focused Mission Discrimination and Specialization". Within the scope of this project, In 2017, the name of academy was changed as Burdur Food Agriculture and Livestock Vocational High School by the Council of Higher Education.

Our academy is rapidly expanding its structure by closely monitoring technology and other developments with out. In our school, where education and training is supported by contemporary application possibilities, our students consolidate their theoretical knowledge in their lectures by practicing in existing laboratories and businesses. Most of the students graduated from academy are working in the areas they graduate from; others work in different areas or continue their education life by switching to faculties with DGS.

Our mission
"To cultivate high quality and successful human resources that can adapt to global, social, scientific, cultural and technological developments and can produce quality production in the quality demanded by production and service industries."

Our vision
"To become the best vocational college in the field of raising quality intermediate level human resources in search of quality and supporting quality in the context of commitment to scientificness, innovation, universality and ethical values, which will contribute to the increase of social well-being and consciousness."

Why Burdur Food Agriculture and Livestock Vocational Academy?

As a different vocational college;

  • Experienced, dynamic and expert staff in the field
  • Strong, theoretical infrastructure and practical training model
  • Contemporary education understanding supported by computer and technology
  • Ability to focus on the areas of expertise demanded by the business world
  • Cooperation with the business World
  • Parallel to the growing and changing global conditions
  • Relevant and successful counseling to our students
  • Campus environment where academic, social, cultural and sports activities are intensively maintained